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Targeting Tumors With Less Damage

Targeting Tumors With Less Damage

2019-08-16 16:53:54

A new promising proposal regarding radiotherapy dosing in tumors could bring exciting changes to the medical field, specifically the war on cancer in patients. In a Medical Express article, the author talks about a study that proposes more higher energy particle beams focusing on small spots deep inside the body. The hope of doing so is to target more tumors more precisely, thus making the process of eliminating tumors more precisely. The lead of the study, Professor Dino Jaroszynski, claims that "around half of the population will suffer from cancer at some time in their lives. Of these people, half will be treated using radiotherapy or a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy." The ability to focus on more accurate targeting of cancerous tumors in the body should hopefully pave the way for better results for those with cancer undergoing treatment going forward in the future.

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